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Flatter Dress Cut Tips

Do you know what style will suit you? A-line Dresses A graceful and classic design that narrows at the top then tailors close to body before flaring gently into an “A.” Flatters everyone! Hides big hips and bottoms Balances entire body with bust Creates curves to a straight figure Makes you look taller and thinner Ball gowns A fairy-tale design favored by Cinderella with a fitted bodice and waist that falls into a poufy skirt layered with crinoline underneath. Flatters an hourglass figure with a well-proportioned waist, waist and hips. Hides hips Highlights bust Empire A dress cut with a high waist seams that falls directly under the bust then lows into a long, loose skirt with no defined waistline. An ideal classic Greek and Roman design that flatters a figure heavy through the middle and tummy. Disguises thick waistline Hides big tummy Plays up small busts Makes you look taller if you’re petite Princess dress Vertical panes follow natural shape of body. Flatters the lower body. Minimizes hips Disguises tummy Figure-friendly: creates a long, lean look Smooth and flowing Sheath Straight, slim fit shaped closely to the body. Flatters tall and thin bodies. Minimizes hips Disguises tummy Perfect for well-toned figures Sexy and modern Mermaid Same as sheaths, but skirt flare outs at or below the knee. Flatters tall and thin bodies. Minimizes hips Disguises tummy Perfect for well-toned... read more

Hairstyles for Brides

Short or long, curly or straight, up or down? There are so many options when it comes to the perfect wedding hairstyle, all you need to do is find your style and your head is through. For every bride there are an efficient amount of things to remember when it comes to doing their hair, not just on your wedding day but for any day. Grab the opportunity to find out what is your ultimate hair style. Before you start choosing hairstyle and colours you need to get a hair product that will keep your hair healthy and strong. This is necessary because your hair will be undergoing a lot of strain with all the hair products that will be used to perfect your wedding hair style. Your hair dresser will be able to recommend the hair product that is most sufficient for your type of hair. If you are planning to change your hair colour for the wedding chose a colour that will compliment your wedding gown, your eyes but also your skin tone. It is extremely unhealthy for your hair to undergo a total turnaround from blond to black and vice versa all of a sudden. If you are planning such a turnaround rather stretch out the process over 6 months since it allows your hair a chance to adjust. Copper, red, burgundy, warm brown’s and shades of warm blond suit a person with a warm complexion. A person with a blue or pink undertone looks better in cool shades. If you are considering highlights then think of an up do wedding hairstyle because it will define... read more

Bridal Make-Up

A bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. She doesn’t want to look like somebody plastered make-up on her face or as that she is not wearing make-up at all. It is very important to find the balance between your natural beauty and putting on a face. Everything depends on how your wear the make-up and not how the make-up wears you. For your special bridal make-up you need to take time and put a lot of consideration into the planning. It is important to remember that the lighting should be right when you apply your bridal make-up otherwise it will be impossible to blend it correctly. For make-up application it is best to use natural light so set up near a window. If you don’t have natural light available use a super-bright lamp (halogens work the best.) Remember to blend your make-up well, across your whole face or else the camera will pick up the visible make-up lines. You do not want your pictures to show that your bridal make-up was not done without much attention. It is important to give fine attention to the corners of your eyes where the make-up tends to gather. Your bridal make-up cannot be your everyday make-up. You want something else, but not just that you need to remember that on your wedding day you are going to be busier than usual. The ceremony and the reception is going to be hot and you are going to be dancing which ultimately means that you are going to sweat. When you chose your make-up primer you need to choose one... read more

Wedding Venue

When you close your eyes and see your wedding in your mind what do you see? Big botanical gardens, tree tops on the mountain, the open fields of a farm… where do you see your wedding taking place. Where do you want the beginning of your new life to start? When you start considering your wedding venue you must remember that there are two parts to the wedding: the reception and the ceremony. You must remember that if these two are taking place in different locations what possibilities of transportation is available and how easy is it to reach the wedding venue. When scouting for your wedding venue you need to remember to consider how many guests you are planning on having. Your wedding venue must be able to handle the amount of guests you have shortlisted because the venue won’t be able to magically conjure up an extra twenty places if you have to many guests. Once you have established the capacity of guests the wedding venue can handle, you need to start considering what kind of entertainment you are planning on having at your wedding. Bands and other entertainment need big areas for set up, but it is not just band that need a lot of space it is also a dance floor. Not all wedding venues are big enough to support big entertainment activities so it would be a good thing to do some thorough questioning. There are different wedding kinds of wedding venues: 1.       Historic wedding reception Venue: This is for the bride who’s always wanted a vintage wedding . Castles, country houses and stately... read more

Wedding Photography

A photo is a capsule of time, it is the opportunity to take a moment and freeze it. You only have one ‘I do’ moment, only one first kiss as a married couple, in a couple of years you won’t be able to remember what that felt like or how you looked. With a photo you have a chance to go back in time and relive the moment.   Weddings take months of planning and a lot of work including the wedding photography. In the end a wedding can be a pretty penny out of your pockets which mean you are going to think twice before getting married again, thus you don’t want to look back in a couple of years and regret not having hired a professional photographer to do your wedding photography.   To find the perfect wedding photographer you need to search on the internet and then in your local area. Contact them to set up a meeting but remember to request that they have their wedding photography portfolio as well as testimonials present during the wedding so you can see their style of wedding photography.   The testimonials will ensure that you choose a trustworthy wedding photographer because you don’t want to pay your wedding photographer a deposit and he never shows up at your wedding. The testimonials should reassure you that he is trustworthy and professional at all times- you don’t want to have problems with his behaviour around your guests.   It is important that you agree with their style and that you get along well so that there are no disagreements on... read more

Wedding Invitations

Receiving the wedding invitation as a guest is an honour; it shows that you consider them important enough to want to spend your one special day with them. Your wedding invitations aren’t just an invitation inviting guest to an event, you are inviting them to witness the vows you are taking with your spouse.  Your wedding invitations ultimately decide who shall be coming to your wedding and the amount of guests you should expect to cater for.   Before you can start with your wedding invitations you need to query the multitude of guests your venue can handle and what the restriction are concerning children, alcohol, smoking, ext. Once you know the latter you need to set up a preliminary guest list indicating whom you are inviting to your wedding. The preliminary guest list will later be finalized when your guests have RSVP’d so you know who will be joining you on your wedding day.   The wedding invitations are the one sector of your wedding where you need to check that all your “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” are crossed, to avoid confusion on your guest’s side. Your wedding invitation should contain names, dates, times and a convenient RSVP date that is related to your wedding. Other important information is also the usage of alcohol and smoking at the wedding and if there are any children allowed, etc. Avoid abbreviating or writing shorthand in your invitations since it could lead to misunderstandings, it is safer to write the full names and addresses. This information is very important since they contain the necessary specifics of your wedding day. A... read more

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers As you gracefully glade towards the altar and your waiting groom, a bouquet will flourish in your hands. Your bridesmaids may carry the same bouquets, just slightly smaller though not out of proportion. Choosing the right wedding flowers are critical, not just because of the message they send to your guests but also because they are an essential part to the decorations of your wedding. Wedding flowers isn’t a task that you can leave for the last few weeks of planning, to have the best wedding flowers you will want to contact your wedding florist 6-8 months before the wedding. This advance gives you a chance to learn which flowers are in season for your wedding, and what types of flowers will most likely suit your wedding theme the best. The florist you use for your wedding flowers must be one known for their critical eye and detailed arrangements of bouquets. Your wedding flowers are not only going to be in your hands but you can also use them as centerpieces on the tables at the reception. You can use them inside the church as decorations for your chair, (guests are most likely to play with them during the reception so you might want to consider that before using them on the chair) Rose petals are often used by the bridesmaids to strew in the path before the bride enters the church, if you use this you will have to incorporate roses into your wedding flowers. The white Calla Lillie is a very popular wedding flower, it symbolizes sophisticated elegance. The are more Calla Lilies that just... read more

Wedding Cakes

Something almost as fun as choosing your wedding dress, is the tasting of samples for your wedding cake. The sampling of different types of wedding cake can be very important because it must be a cake that both you and your groom like the best. For your wedding day you can’t just have any cake it must be the cake that represents the day that binds you and your groom till death do you part. Before you start looking at wedding cakes you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a wedding cake since a cake can be quite pricey. The more decorations you have; the more you are going to pay, the more layers you have; the higher your budget must be; depending on which flavor you decide on, it will also influence the cost of your wedding cake. Keep in mind that the more guests you have at your reception the bigger your cake must be. You can’t have a small cake with a lot of guests because you won’t have enough cake, then again it would be ridiculous to have a large cake and few guests. Before you go wedding cake-hunting, be sure you know how many guests you are planning on having at the wedding. You can’t just fall into the door of a bakery and trust them to bake your wedding cake to perfection. Be sure to do some research on good bakers so you know that they are reliable and that their products are worth the cost. Make an appointment with the bakery so you can sample a few... read more

Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes Brides don’t always work on colours for their wedding decorations but on themes. There are multiple themes that are popular under brides, varying from the amount of fun the theme will provide or the mood it creates. Themes can be matched to the season you get married in or the effect you want to have. Gold Wedding Theme:This is a theme popular under brides because of the various possibilities to play with decorations and colour schemes. The colour holds a certain chic and dazzling effect to it that can dazzle you your mind and imagination. The gold can be used with all the different shades or with taupe, white, black, purple, chocolate brown. The colours allow you to choose an Old Victorian style, or it puts an old eighteen century feel to the wedding. Funfair Wedding Theme: This wedding theme is fun, playful, and happy and there is a hint of whimsical hidden init. Funfair is a theme that has a childhood memory locked into it. Your guests will be transferred into having a happy, laughing time full of excitement as they enjoy the day with you. Arabian Night Wedding Theme:This is a theme that contains the abstract fairytale romance with a fantastical charm while it has an exotic charm with a feeling of adventure. This is the theme that will make all your childhood dreams become a reality. The theme transports you to another world and with the participation of your guests you will be enjoying your wedding day on the other side of the planet. Rustic Chic: If you are looking for sophistication, romance and... read more

Wedding Colours

Wedding Colours A lot of brides change their wedding colour as the process of arranging the wedding intensifies. The colour of the wedding determines the theme, decorations and the mood of the wedding.  Not all colours will suit every venue, thus you must choose your colours carefully to avoid clashing. When choosing your wedding colours you must take the season of your wedding into concideration.  Every season comes with its own set of predecided colours set by nature. You do not want your wedding colours to clash with the colours of nature, so  be careful what colours you choose.  Also keep in mind what kind of flowers are availible during the period of your wedding. There are colours that could work throughout the year if you implement them right. White, beidge, and earth tones.are colours you can use as a base colour, no matter what the seasonal colours are.  These are neutral colours that you can match with any colour. A complementary colour is a second colour you use to enhance your main colour’s effectiveness.  When you choose two colours for your wedding, ensure that both of them don’t seek the same amount of attention because your colours will seem unbalanced.  The best way to pick your colour is deciding on your main colour and then seeking a complementary that will be used in 30% of the decorations.  A third colour could then be used in 5% of the decorations, just for that little extra touch. Summer is the time for bright colours. In summer all shades of green will heed you well at your wedding.  Other colours that... read more