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Bridal Make-Up

A bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. She doesn’t want to look like somebody plastered make-up on her face or as that she is not wearing make-up at all. It is very important to find the balance between your natural beauty and putting on a face. Everything depends on how your wear the make-up and not how the make-up wears you. For your special bridal make-up you need to take time and put a lot of consideration into the planning.

It is important to remember that the lighting should be right when you apply your bridal make-up otherwise it will be impossible to blend it correctly. For make-up application it is best to use natural light so set up near a window. If you don’t have natural light available use a super-bright lamp (halogens work the best.)

Remember to blend your make-up well, across your whole face or else the camera will pick up the visible make-up lines. You do not want your pictures to show that your bridal make-up was not done without much attention. It is important to give fine attention to the corners of your eyes where the make-up tends to gather.

Your bridal make-up cannot be your everyday make-up. You want something else, but not just that you need to remember that on your wedding day you are going to be busier than usual. The ceremony and the reception is going to be hot and you are going to be dancing which ultimately means that you are going to sweat.

When you chose your make-up primer you need to choose one that does not contain any oil or silicone. The primer will then act like a sponge for your foundation, keeping it in place and preventing it from seeping into or slipping off of your skin all day long.

Your wedding day is a very emotional day and you can expect to shed a tear with a guest or two. To avoid getting rewarded with black stripes and look like a Zebra, your best choice is to use waterproof mascara. Not everybody likes the look or feel of waterproof mascara so you can use normal mascara and then lightly go over it with waterproof mascara.

Planning your wedding can be a really stressful event and unfortunately it will just be your luck to get a blemish right in front of your important day. The most important thing to remember is to keep your hands away from your face or else you will end up with a red blotch. If the blemish does not want to go away and your big day is drawing nearer go see your dermatologist for a cortisone injection and that will shrink it instantly.

There are a lot of elements to remember when you are deciding on what you want to do with your make-up.  Choosing your make-up is not just about the colours it is also about the quality of the make-up. You can achieve the perfect look and have the most amazing day all with some good foundation.

By Chantal Potgieter