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The Ultimate Bridesmaid Dress

One dress, 21 different styles, for any body shape!

Bridesmaid Dress Sales by Imago Bridal

This very versatile dress will suit all body shapes, and can be used afterwards for work or play! We have tracked down 21 ways to wear the dress and there is still more ways to wear it! The dress is also very affordable for your bridesmates. It is made of a stretch fabric that does not cling or show bumps. If this is a concern you can always wear a petticoat. We have small, medium and large options available. The lengths to choose from are short, medium and long. Any enquiries on our bridesmaid dress sales can be made at the bottom of the page for your ease of access.

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21 Ways to Wear the Infinity Dress in 5 Minutes!

Take a look at this quick video that shows you 21 ways to wear the Infinity Dress (also known as wrap dress or twist dress).


  • Boobtubes
  • Bandeaus
  • Petticoats
  • Brooches
  • Bracelets


  • Short: R600.00
  • Medium: R700.00
  • Long: R800.00
  • Boob Tube: R100.00
  • Overlay:R250.00

How to measure:

Under bust: Measure directly under the bust as tight as possible.

Length: Measure from under bust towards the floor.

Short: 70cm
Medium: 86cm
Long: 120cm