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Hairstyles for Brides

Short or long, curly or straight, up or down? There are so many options when it comes to the perfect wedding hairstyle, all you need to do is find your style and your head is through. For every bride there are an efficient amount of things to remember when it comes to doing their hair, not just on your wedding day but for any day. Grab the opportunity to find out what is your ultimate hair style.

Before you start choosing hairstyle and colours you need to get a hair product that will keep your hair healthy and strong. This is necessary because your hair will be undergoing a lot of strain with all the hair products that will be used to perfect your wedding hair style. Your hair dresser will be able to recommend the hair product that is most sufficient for your type of hair.

If you are planning to change your hair colour for the wedding chose a colour that will compliment your wedding gown, your eyes but also your skin tone. It is extremely unhealthy for your hair to undergo a total turnaround from blond to black and vice versa all of a sudden. If you are planning such a turnaround rather stretch out the process over 6 months since it allows your hair a chance to adjust.

Copper, red, burgundy, warm brown’s and shades of warm blond suit a person with a warm complexion. A person with a blue or pink undertone looks better in cool shades. If you are considering highlights then think of an up do wedding hairstyle because it will define your hair especially if it is platted or weaved.

1.       A bride can go short and sassy: Short wedding hair styles are stylish and it gives the bride a fun alternative with a refined finish.


2.       Polished up do: Up do wedding hairstyles are more manageable and not too bulky. You do not need to worry about your hair irritating your face or looking untidy.


3.       Loose Messy up do: this provides lots of options for different personalities. The bundled chignon with unrestrained tresses really brings the face to the forefront.


4.       Long Flowing Hair with Curls: Healthy, shiny hair can be shown of with this simple down wedding hairstyle with a plain mid-part and curls.


5.       Bridal Side Ponytail: For brides who want something flashier than a simple up do but not a too relaxed loose look. A side pony is thus both relaxed and highly elegant.

To find your wedding hairstyle it will be the best to make practise sessions at the hair salon. These sessions will enable you to choose a hairstyle that suits your face and your gown the most. It will also give the hairdresser an opportunity to become familiar with your hair and then you do not have to stress that your hair will go wrong on your wedding day.

Choose a hairstyle that will portray your personality, choose a style that you will be comfortable with and which will not bother you. Your wedding hairstyle is going to be the finishing touch to an exquisite picture of ultimate beauty.

by: Chantal Potgieter