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Wedding Cakes

Something almost as fun as choosing your wedding dress, is the tasting of samples for your wedding cake. The sampling of different types of wedding cake can be very important because it must be a cake that both you and your groom like the best. For your wedding day you can’t just have any cake it must be the cake that represents the day that binds you and your groom till death do you part.

Before you start looking at wedding cakes you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a wedding cake since a cake can be quite pricey. The more decorations you have; the more you are going to pay, the more layers you have; the higher your budget must be; depending on which flavor you decide on, it will also influence the cost of your wedding cake.

Keep in mind that the more guests you have at your reception the bigger your cake must be. You can’t have a small cake with a lot of guests because you won’t have enough cake, then again it would be ridiculous to have a large cake and few guests. Before you go wedding cake-hunting, be sure you know how many guests you are planning on having at the wedding.

You can’t just fall into the door of a bakery and trust them to bake your wedding cake to perfection. Be sure to do some research on good bakers so you know that they are reliable and that their products are worth the cost. Make an appointment with the bakery so you can sample a few of their wedding cakes so that you know what to expect. Not all bakeries can bake wedding cakes so make sure that you find one that can or else you are going to have a birthday cake on your wedding day…

You must consider the design of the wedding cake you want. Designs with objects, printing, est. are usually too heavy for a sponge cake thus it is better to go for a fruit cake. The design of your cake must fit in with your wedding theme and venue because you don’t want it to clash with your decorations.

Wedding cakes can get stacked to mostly any amount of layers you want, but don’t make your cake too high because you will stand the risk of it toppling over if you aren’t careful. You have a choice of round cakes, square cakes, diamond shaped cakes, est. but you don’t have to limit yourself since there are brides who prefer having cupcakes for a wedding cake. The cupcakes get arranged in an order that still gives the illusion of a wedding cake though it is easier to eat.

Not everybody is fond of fruit cake though it is the more traditional wedding cake. The reason for this is that a fruit cake can last up to 3 years if stored correctly.  It is also easier to create different shapes since the cake’s consistency is much denser and it can handle lots of layer stacking.

You don’t have to limit yourself because today any cake can do the same job. If you prefer chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, lemon or carrot, don’t let tradition hold you back. It is your day and you won’t be able to smile knowing that you don’t like the taste of your wedding cake.

Choosing your wedding cake is one part in your wedding planning where you aren’t held back by anybody so let your imagination run wild and enjoy it because when you take a bite of the cake you will know that all your hard work wasn’t for nothing but a delicious piece of heaven in your mouth.