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Wedding Colours

Wedding Colours

A lot of brides change their wedding colour as the process of arranging the wedding intensifies. The colour of the wedding determines the theme, decorations and the mood of the wedding.  Not all colours will suit every venue, thus you must choose your colours carefully to avoid clashing.

When choosing your wedding colours you must take the season of your wedding into concideration.  Every season comes with its own set of predecided colours set by nature. You do not want your wedding colours to clash with the colours of nature, so  be careful what colours you choose.  Also keep in mind what kind of flowers are availible during the period of your wedding.

There are colours that could work throughout the year if you implement them right. White, beidge, and earth tones.are colours you can use as a base colour, no matter what the seasonal colours are.  These are neutral colours that you can match with any colour.

A complementary colour is a second colour you use to enhance your main colour’s effectiveness.  When you choose two colours for your wedding, ensure that both of them don’t seek the same amount of attention because your colours will seem unbalanced.  The best way to pick your colour is deciding on your main colour and then seeking a complementary that will be used in 30% of the decorations.  A third colour could then be used in 5% of the decorations, just for that little extra touch.

Summer is the time for bright colours. In summer all shades of green will heed you well at your wedding.  Other colours that also go well with summer are cornflower blue; orange and fuchia; black and white toile; yellow, pink, aqua blue and lighter shades of purples like orchird or aubergine. All these colours go well in the bright and sunny heat of summer!

In Autumn all your natural and brassy colours will work.  Your colours for autumn are latte, mocha and chocolate brown, rust orange, burgandy, hunter green and gold.  These are colours that suit the changes that are happening in nature.

April is your post-autumn month, it isn’t entirely autumn or winter, it is in between.  This is a month for brides who want to stay close to nature but don’t phathom the brassy colours of autumn.  In April colours like creams, gold, ivory’s and sepia will work.  These colours aren’t so dark and intense as autumn though they keep you close to nature in their soft embrace.

With winter you get the cold months’ May’ June’ July and August.  Colours that best suit these months are ice blue,silwer, white, metallics, black, ivory on white and shimmery jewel tones.  Harsh contrasts also work well.

Finally, Spring! A month with soft, loving colours that symbolizes a new beginnings!  This is a month for pastel colours such as lavender, yellow and whimsical, romantic pairings with pink and red, combinations of pink and lime green or even orange and lime green.

Wedding colours are very important.  Search for the perfect shades until you feel that it projects the ‘feel’ you were dreaming about for your big day.  These colours will be engraved into memories and photos.  Memories that will last a lifetime made real by adding a little creative wedding colours into it!

Article: Chantal Potgieter