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Choose from a huge range of designer wedding dresses at affordable prices. Wedding Dress Hire by Imago Bridal.

Brides who get married in one of our exquisite gowns know what it is like to feel exceptional on their special day. We have been supplying designer wedding dresses for hire and sale for many years now, and our shop is conveniently based in the East Rand. Hire your bridal gown from us and you don’t just get a wedding dress hire service – you get a dream come true!

Different Types of Wedding Dresses

With so many different dresses and styles to choose from, it helps to do a little homework from your side to determine which style will best suit your body type. Wedding Dress Hire made easy, just read the below information.

The Mermaid or Trumpet Wedding Dress

Mermaid or Trumpet style wedding dresses hug the curves closely and are a great choice if you feel like to want to accentuate your curvy figure. This popular style is most flattering to hour glass and rectangle shapes.

The A-Line or Princess Wedding Dress

This flattering dress shape balances out top heavy shapes and helps hide some tummy bulge. Body shapes that look great in an A-Line wedding dress include the Inverted Triangle — because it balances out the top heavy shape, the Rectangle, the Pear and the Hour Glass.

 The Empire Wedding Dress

This is a very forgiving wedding dress shape, great for many body types. It tends to flatter the Inverted Triangle, the Apple, the Pear and the Hour Glass. Classically it has a high waistline and the seam is just underneath the bust and the fabric below the waist falls gracefully to the floor.

The Sheath or Column Wedding Dress

This dress runs pretty much vertically from the shoulders down to the floor and the hem does not flair out, like it does in the A-Line, Empire or Ball Gown. A slim Hour Glass may like the body hugging features of this dress style, but the best suited shape seems to be the Rectangle for this wedding gown.

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress

The Ball Gown wedding gown is also called the Fairy-Tale wedding gown, or the Cinderella wedding dress. Pear shapes love this type of wedding dress, but the Hour Glass, the Inverted Triangle, the Rectangle, and the Apple also find this shape attractive on them.

How is your body shaped?

Use this as a guideline to select your body type:

The Inverted Triangle

This shape is a bit top heavy with broad shoulders, large bust and narrow hips.

The Rectangle

The bust and hips are roughly the same size and the waist is undefined.

The Apple

This shape is full-figured from the hips up, though your legs can be on the thin side.

The Pear

The bottom half of your body, hips, thighs and bottom has more weight than your top half.

The Hour Glass

This Shape has the shoulders and hips at almost the same width, and a well defined waist.

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