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Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

As you gracefully glade towards the altar and your waiting groom, a bouquet will flourish in your hands. Your bridesmaids may carry the same bouquets, just slightly smaller though not out of proportion. Choosing the right wedding flowers are critical, not just because of the message they send to your guests but also because they are an essential part to the decorations of your wedding.

Wedding flowers isn’t a task that you can leave for the last few weeks of planning, to have the best wedding flowers you will want to contact your wedding florist 6-8 months before the wedding. This advance gives you a chance to learn which flowers are in season for your wedding, and what types of flowers will most likely suit your wedding theme the best. The florist you use for your wedding flowers must be one known for their critical eye and detailed arrangements of bouquets.

Your wedding flowers are not only going to be in your hands but you can also use them as centerpieces on the tables at the reception. You can use them inside the church as decorations for your chair, (guests are most likely to play with them during the reception so you might want to consider that before using them on the chair) Rose petals are often used by the bridesmaids to strew in the path before the bride enters the church, if you use this you will have to incorporate roses into your wedding flowers.

The white Calla Lillie is a very popular wedding flower, it symbolizes sophisticated elegance. The are more Calla Lilies that just the white ones to chose form so it depends on what colour your wedding is going to be, for the colour of the Calla Lillie.

Gerberas is a flower that blooms right through the year so this is good news for a bride that considers it for her wedding flowers. They come in a variety of colours so the bride can pick and chose to her liking.

Cymbidium orchids make beautiful wedding bouquets, adding to the feeling that the bride is delicate and soft although they are in fact strong. The great thing about using these orchids as your wedding flowers are that once cut they can last a few days before wilting. This can put the bride at ease knowing that her wedding flowers will still look brand new even if they are a day or two matures.

Phalaenopis orchids can make a great impact in a bouquet; they can even be used as a single flower bouquet. It carries the wow-factor while oozing grace and style, with sophistication in between.

Roses come in all shapes and sizes and you are capable of choosing the colour since they can be changes to your wedding colours. Roses are the classical wedding flower since each colour symbolizes a different affection.

You get wedding flowers in all shapes and sizes, a bride can even manipulate the colours of the flowers. It is important to choose the correct wedding flowers because they will appear in most of your wedding photos and mostly at your reception. Just remember that if you’re doing everything the old fashioned way and you throw the bouquet over your shoulder into a pile of un-wed woman, you need them to want a bouquet as much as you wanted yours.