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Wedding Invitations

Receiving the wedding invitation as a guest is an honour; it shows that you consider them important enough to want to spend your one special day with them. Your wedding invitations aren’t just an invitation inviting guest to an event, you are inviting them to witness the vows you are taking with your spouse.  Your wedding invitations ultimately decide who shall be coming to your wedding and the amount of guests you should expect to cater for.


Before you can start with your wedding invitations you need to query the multitude of guests your venue can handle and what the restriction are concerning children, alcohol, smoking, ext. Once you know the latter you need to set up a preliminary guest list indicating whom you are inviting to your wedding. The preliminary guest list will later be finalized when your guests have RSVP’d so you know who will be joining you on your wedding day.


The wedding invitations are the one sector of your wedding where you need to check that all your “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” are crossed, to avoid confusion on your guest’s side. Your wedding invitation should contain names, dates, times and a convenient RSVP date that is related to your wedding. Other important information is also the usage of alcohol and smoking at the wedding and if there are any children allowed, etc. Avoid abbreviating or writing shorthand in your invitations since it could lead to misunderstandings, it is safer to write the full names and addresses. This information is very important since they contain the necessary specifics of your wedding day. A mistake on a wedding invitation could lead to guests arriving late or not at all, guests getting lost or missing the date all together.


With your wedding invitations you get a chance to introduce the theme of the wedding to the guests. A peek of the theme will help your guests decide on what to wear since some themes requires specific attire. This is your opportunity to tweak your guests’ interest and give them a minor taste of what they could expect at the full event. Your invitations must be alluring, your guests must wait in anticipation for the wedding, so never exploit information of your wedding commercially to your friends and family because they can wait for the wedding and it will keep them interested.


As in any part of the wedding we have tradition that is bound to stick around a few hundred centuries, a good example of one of the wedding invitation traditions is the use of tissue paper. Tissue paper was used in the beginning to soak up excess ink left by old European printing machines; today they just make a good accessory to the invitation because modern technology prohibits the excess ink.  Calligraphy has also always been a part of wedding invitations since the beginning of time, the swirls and twirls just seem to entwine brides.


Between all the tissue paper and calligraphy, names and dates you must remember that this part of the wedding preparation is a joined effort between the bride and groom. Any other department of the wedding somebody else could handle, but the wedding invitations acquires the attention of the wedding couple. The wedding invitation planning is a chance to work as a group, because you don’t want to invite the wrong people and nobody else can decide who you should invite to your wedding. The wedding invitation creating is one of the most enjoyable planning departments since you have the opportunity to let your imagination flow into any swirl or make any twirl.