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Wedding Photography

A photo is a capsule of time, it is the opportunity to take a moment and freeze it. You only have one ‘I do’ moment, only one first kiss as a married couple, in a couple of years you won’t be able to remember what that felt like or how you looked. With a photo you have a chance to go back in time and relive the moment.


Weddings take months of planning and a lot of work including the wedding photography. In the end a wedding can be a pretty penny out of your pockets which mean you are going to think twice before getting married again, thus you don’t want to look back in a couple of years and regret not having hired a professional photographer to do your wedding photography.


To find the perfect wedding photographer you need to search on the internet and then in your local area. Contact them to set up a meeting but remember to request that they have their wedding photography portfolio as well as testimonials present during the wedding so you can see their style of wedding photography.


The testimonials will ensure that you choose a trustworthy wedding photographer because you don’t want to pay your wedding photographer a deposit and he never shows up at your wedding. The testimonials should reassure you that he is trustworthy and professional at all times- you don’t want to have problems with his behaviour around your guests.


It is important that you agree with their style and that you get along well so that there are no disagreements on your wedding day. There are two types of wedding photography that photographers usually divide their portfolios into: the traditional or classic style and the wedding journalistic style.


The traditional or classic style is considered the safest and timeless photo’s you will also see them featuring in most photo albums. These photos are characterized by the classic poses where the subjects are aware of the camera. This style concentrates on the control of the photographer because he needs to arrange the individuals and groups for the shots before, during and after the wedding. For a bride and groom that want to keep portraits of the family members in their wedding album this is the best choice for wedding photography.


For an adventurous and unconventional couple the wedding photojournalism style for their wedding photography will be a better choice. The photographer captures the moment of true and pure emotion when the attendees aren’t aware of the camera, these are candid shots where the subjects acts freely. This is an increasingly popular style for wedding photography today. A photojournalist pays more attention to minute detail and candid shots; though there will be some of the more traditional shots included in the photography.


Wedding photography is essential on your wedding day; one day when you are older your children and grandchildren will want to see the photos. When you look back at your wedding photos you must be able to relive the experience. Your wedding photography must be captivating, something you will want to look back at one day with the stars still shinning in your eyes, like the moment you said “I do”.

Article: Chantal Potgieter