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Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes

Brides don’t always work on colours for their wedding decorations but on themes. There are multiple themes that are popular under brides, varying from the amount of fun the theme will provide or the mood it creates. Themes can be matched to the season you get married in or the effect you want to have.

Gold Wedding Theme:This is a theme popular under brides because of the various possibilities to play with decorations and colour schemes. The colour holds a certain chic and dazzling effect to it that can dazzle you your mind and imagination. The gold can be used with all the different shades or with taupe, white, black, purple, chocolate brown. The colours allow you to choose an Old Victorian style, or it puts an old eighteen century feel to the wedding.

Funfair Wedding Theme: This wedding theme is fun, playful, and happy and there is a hint of whimsical hidden init. Funfair is a theme that has a childhood memory locked into it. Your guests will be transferred into having a happy, laughing time full of excitement as they enjoy the day with you.

Arabian Night Wedding Theme:This is a theme that contains the abstract fairytale romance with a fantastical charm while it has an exotic charm with a feeling of adventure. This is the theme that will make all your childhood dreams become a reality. The theme transports you to another world and with the participation of your guests you will be enjoying your wedding day on the other side of the planet.

Rustic Chic: If you are looking for sophistication, romance and natural beauty on your wedding which gives you an essential elegance then this is your theme. This theme is a subtle combination of country with antique elements. This is a very good choice for your wedding day since it gives people a feel of your relationship and describes your personalities.

Fall Wedding theme:This wedding is warm and intimate, romantic with the feel of age and wisdom around you. Think in the lines of old barns, churches and even old mills, you can also consider apple orchards, or even a vineyard. Rich dark wood would do well as part of the decorations and adding the touch of a fireplace would suit the theme, giving it a warm and romantic feel.

Retro and Kitsch themes:If both the bride and the groom shares a certain interest in a particular TV show, book, are, collection or kitschy theme then this would be the perfect theme. You can let your imagination run wild here because there are no limitations, the sky is the limits.

A person can’t actually label a wedding theme because every bride changes it to their preferences. With your wedding theme there are no limitations, no dos and no don’ts. For this day you need to let your imagination free, let your wildest dreams come true as you make them become a reality. Go with a theme that describes who you are and what your relationship means to you and your groom, something that will always bond you.

Article: Chantal Potgieter