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Wedding Venue

When you close your eyes and see your wedding in your mind what do you see? Big botanical gardens, tree tops on the mountain, the open fields of a farm… where do you see your wedding taking place. Where do you want the beginning of your new life to start?

When you start considering your wedding venue you must remember that there are two parts to the wedding: the reception and the ceremony. You must remember that if these two are taking place in different locations what possibilities of transportation is available and how easy is it to reach the wedding venue.

When scouting for your wedding venue you need to remember to consider how many guests you are planning on having. Your wedding venue must be able to handle the amount of guests you have shortlisted because the venue won’t be able to magically conjure up an extra twenty places if you have to many guests.

Once you have established the capacity of guests the wedding venue can handle, you need to start considering what kind of entertainment you are planning on having at your wedding. Bands and other entertainment need big areas for set up, but it is not just band that need a lot of space it is also a dance floor. Not all wedding venues are big enough to support big entertainment activities so it would be a good thing to do some thorough questioning.

There are different wedding kinds of wedding venues:

1.       Historic wedding reception Venue: This is for the bride who’s always wanted a vintage wedding . Castles, country houses and stately homes are among the venues for the big day, but only if your budget has a long stretch.



2.       Hotel wedding receptions: Any couple can make this venue work for them, it can be tradition or ultra-modern. Another great aspect about this wedding venue is that you have accommodation the spot.


3.       Sports or social club wedding venues: Different types of clubs can create the perfect wedding venues. All it will cost on your behalf is to do some good research upon which location you prefer.


4.       Restaurant or pub wedding venues: This is a wedding venue bound to provide you with delectable food and drinks. Remember though that it will be easier to find such a wedding venue if you have a smaller wedding.

Always be sure to read the fine print around staffing and beverage cost because people like to slip in a higher price when somebody mentions the word wedding. You do not want to be caught out my some smooth talking sales person who has been trained to make you forget about all the fine detail in the contract. Take your time and be sure that everything is to your liking.

Your wedding venue is going to feature in all your photos. Choose the wedding venue that you have always imagined or else you will never be happy with the memories or the photo’s and ultimately you want to portray a few of the photos in your home because it was the day of your dreams.

by Chantal Potgieter